Plus: AI ethics as moral interface / The Stable Diffusion Moment is having its Synthetic Data Moment / Theory is an interpolatable latent space now / KITT via ChatGPT in your car and much more
On the (not only) post-artificial irrelevance of the author after the AI-revolution
Plus: Meta is going Fediverse / Musicians are natural interbrain-synchronizers / GigaGAN / Deepfake-Tucker reads the Vaporeon copypasta / Midjourney v5
On the dangers of stochastic lovers.
Plus: GPT-4 is coming next week / The Black Box Camera / Everything is a Remix 4: Artificial Creativity / Rotating Sandwiches and much more
Plus: Historical AI-analogies, CBS 60 Minutes on ChatGPT, intergenerational GPT-Jailbreaking, trailers for Silo and TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, and much more.
The bird is the word.
The lovecraftian nature of The Digital
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